Smartphones aren’t the big, bad wolf


So…I’ve been watching my parent’s, friends’ and colleagues use of smartphones from afar until now. With the NSA, potential new bosses googling party pics in Facebook and hacked accounts left and right I wanted to bide my time. I knew how to secure my data on my laptop, but smartphones seemed like funnels to let the whole world share your info, whether you wanted them to, or not.

But now, you see, I have a smartphone, inherited though 🙂

To feel secure, the first thing I did was research security apps. That meant a firewall (I’m happy with Firewall ohne Root from Grey Shirts), a crap cleaner (Clean Master from Cheetah Mobile, cleans all the little bites and bobs that you don’t need in the long run and just slow you down) and a little widget my phone has that tells me which apps are running at the moment (very handy when wanting to control battery life).

So now that I felt the marauding hackers weren’t going to steal my phone numbers I was ready to try out any and all free apps on offer!

Here are some I thouroughly enjoy:

  • Aldiko: Calls itself a book reader. But you can import PDFs too and import books from any catalogue you choose, like for example the Gutenberg Project.
  • Komoot: A nifty little bike navigation App. Even if you don’t have WiFi on the road, it’ll tell you “you’re off course, I can’t recalculate because the WiFi’s off, but the route is 300m to your left” which is handy when you get too distracted by the sceenery to listen to the bluetooth.
  • Mono Bluetooth Router: Lets my jabbering phone talk to my bluetooth ear bud, so I can use the navigation without crashing into a tree, because I was staring at my phone.
  • MDScan Lite: Now, you knew that your phone has an excellent camera, yes? Well this App recognizes the document, crops it and saves it to your phone. Bye, Bye Scanner!
  • Erste-Hilfe-App: From Malteser, in case you don’t remember the training you had when you got your driver’s license!

So much for now, enjoy and have fun!


P.S. Please understand that if you choose to try these Apps you do so at your own risk.