On the endless uses of YouTube


Now for those of you out there who only watch kittens playing the piano or daredevils hurtling down mountains on their bikes on YouTube, let me inspire you to look around the site a bit further, the next time you drop by.

Here are just some of the videos you can find on the site:

  1. Instructional: There are scores of very patient people out there, uploading videos that teach anything from knitting socks to building a tree house for your kids.

  2. Sports: Work out to any number of generous instructors uploading their videos for free. How about morning yoga, or training the body part of your choice, to the workout of your choice? Or look for a video of the latest fitness craze and try it out at home first 😉

  3. Animals: I mentioned the kittens, some more useful videos are about training you dog (did I mention YouTube is international as well?) for example.

  4. Fashion: How to wear anything, like a scarf.

  5. Gardening: Don’t even get me started here, this is by far the most used subject for me on YouTube. Something cool here.

  6. Art: A myriad of artists upload videos to teach you technique or how to handle genres like outdoor portrait photography.
  7. Lastly many NGOs are active on YouTube, as well as well as non-profits like the TED conference. I highly recommend the TED talks to all who are curious about our world and its possibilities.

How about commenting on the unexpected things you found on YouTube? Looking forward to your post!

P.S.: Unfortunate that YouTube is about to block indie artists 😦